Krish-V Global Enterprises was among the sooner to see the limitless potential of the market in every segment. Based on the basic ideology of creating wholly untried products and services, which we have held since our beginning, we have taken on the challenge of pursuing exceptional and innovative products specialized for highly operational fields. We specialize in various fields, from domestic spaces to state-of-the-art areas such as Mining, Farming, Facility Management Services, Interiors and Manufacturing of Aluminum & uPVC products.

Krish-V Interiors

Krish-V Interiors is an award-winning interior design firm based in Bengaluru with over a decade of understanding. Distinctive, trendy and contemporary, we have designed and performed luxury and budget apartments, villas and holiday homes for customers in all segments.

Krish-V Facility Management Services

KRISH-V Facility Management has evolved as one of the pioneers in Facility Management Services. With a solid and well-trained workforce, we are gradually expanding our geographical footprint servicing over 100 projects across different South Indian cities.

Krish-V Mines & Minerals

A global bridge to industries for hassle-free sourcing of minerals at break-neck speed. This has become a name due to the quality delivered and the cost-effective solutions the company devises for its customers. This has also helped the organization to build expertise in ancillary industries like the exploration of minerals and mining sectors.